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Brasil Rugby League to name 40-women World Cup squad


The most important week for Rugby League in Brasil since the Amazonas were included in the 2021 World Cup begins this Saturday with the National Women’s semi-finals take place at Sao Lourenco, Minas Gerais.


The following day, a 40-women World Cup extended squad (narrowed down from 160+ players). The week ending with the 2021 National Women’s Grand Final.


All players will remain in a COVID bubble for the week between the semi-finals and grand final and undergo high performance coaching from head coach Paul Grundy, a Level 3 coach in Australia who previously coached with the Sunshine Coast Falcons.


Brasil Rugby League Manager, Robert Burgin said, “While we have uncertainty over the World Cup, we are doing our best to crack on. The sacrifice and strength of the players is beyond admirable.”


Calendar of events


MAY 15 - Maringa v Vitoria (semi-final 1), Melina v Remendadas (semi-final 2)


MAY 16 - 40-woman World Cup extended squad named


MAY 22 - Grand Final


Photography credit: Tribus Studios.


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