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Longhorns Move To Morton Stadium for 2021 Season


Morton Stadium: Meath rugby league club Longhorns RL, raise the stakes for the 2021 RLI Championship by moving two of the biggest matches in the Irish rugby league calendar to Morton Stadium this summer. Longhorns RL has drawn a repeat of 2020’s All Ireland final on July 3rd against Galway Tribesmen and Malahide RLFC on July 10th.


Reigning All Ireland Champions, Longhorns RL, confirms that both of the club’s home matches will be broadcast live through social media channels. Longhorns RL hope to welcome spectators into Morton Stadium if Government guidelines allow for spectators in July.


Longhorns RL are attempting to create an event that creates excitement for players, friends and families, sports fans and the rugby league community both in Ireland and abroad while hunting for their fifth consecutive All Ireland Championship this summer.


Longhorns RL will play in the RLI Championship with the first fixture away to Barrow Cudas on June 19th.


Jim Reynolds, Rugby League Ireland Chairman: “This is welcome news - having more Rugby League being played in Morton Stadium is good news for everyone associated with the sport in Ireland. Personally, it pleases me greatly that I am part of an organisation that is utilising this historic venue more and more. My late father was a friend and supporter of Billy Morton in his tenacious campaign to get this stadium built and seeing our Senior Team beat Italy here in 2019 to qualify for this year's Rugby League World Cup was especially significant for me.”


I also welcome the announcement that both of the Longhorns’ home games will be broadcast online from Morton for audiences in Ireland and around the world to enjoy.”


We are just a month away from the first shrill of a rugby league whistle and there is certainly a buzz growing for this season. For the first time, we now have two All Ireland men's divisions with teams from all four provinces vying for their respective All Ireland Championships - we also see the first-ever Women's RL All Ireland Championship too. I would like to wish all the players, supporters, coaches, match officials, volunteers, and teams the very best for an exciting season of Rugby League ahead.”


Paul Varga, Longhorns RL Assistant Coach: “We’re attempting to capture the public’s attention. There’s only one way to do that: raise the stakes. From the perspective of the club, the idea of moving to Morton Stadium is much more than just playing: we’re hoping the players express their excitement to play in this venue on the pitch. I believe that will be transferred to the spectators, whether they are at home or hopefully in the stands. Longhorns RL matches
have always received vibrant support from our growing community who are vocal in their support. This is for them.”


Matt Connolly, Captain of Longhorns RL: “I think we deserve to play in Morton Stadium. When I mean we, I speak for the supporters, the Galway Tribesmen and Malahide RLFC. Playing in Morton will create a spectacle that everyone will get excited about. Moving to Morton Stadium is bigger than us. We need to be bold in our approach if we want to go for the five in a row.”


Matthew Towey, Captain of Galway Tribesmen: “It’s always an exciting challenge playing against Longhorns. They are the pacesetters in the club scene and every chance to measure ourselves against them is welcome. Fingers crossed we can have fans attend the game but broadcasting the game will keep increasing the number of eyes on the club scene in Ireland.”


This is a great move for rugby league in Ireland as a whole too: the club scene in Ireland is highly competitive and this is an excellent way to showcase one of the most competitive matches. We will be looking forward to the welcome at Morton Stadium.”


John Tylerman, Galway Tribesmen Head coach: “From my point of view this is great news for the progression of the sport, the crowds online (and hopefully in person too). There is an electric atmosphere growing this season. We’re really excited to face off against the Longhorns. There is great respect between our two clubs and we’re very excited to share this special occasion with them on July 3rd.”


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