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Wolves clinch Lebanon Rugby League Title 


Written by Lebanon Rugby League

The Lebanon Rugby League 2021 Grand Final, the ‘Battle of the Wolves’ that had to be rescheduled due to civil unrest in the capital last week was held on Thursday, 21 October (8.45pm local time) at Nejmeh Field in Beirut.

Grey Wolves making their first debut on the grand final stage were first to record points with Wael Harb cross over after a 6o mtr run on the 3rd minute and converting his on try. Rany abi Fallah opening Wolves RFLC scoring on the 15th minute and followed by Toufic Ghalayani with both conversions unsuccessful by cedars player Gianni Hammoudeh. As tensions rising between both wolves packs had ending with a red card to Wael Harb and Jean Rmeily on 34th min bring the game to 8 – 6 at half time.
Second half commenced with 12 men each, Wolves forward dominating the field which lead to Aref Hamden and Toufic Ghalayani scoring with both kicks successful from Gianni Hammoudeh. Mario Nawas and Khaled Rafii bring the grey wolves back into the game with a 2 point difference to 18 – 20. Wolves proving to be strong on the day with Hassan Jamal scoring on the 73rd minute and Gianni Hammoudeh making a 8 point lead with his conversion.
"It was a good game that marked the end of a difficult season” said Nayef Abi Said (LRLF CEO)” Hats off to all the Clubs, Players, Match Officials, Medical Staff and Federations Staff for their dedications and all their sacrifices. Last but not least the Fans for their continuous support. We are looking forward to resume Collegiate Rugby League championship and prepare next year activities. 
Man of the match Johnny Fouaz Wolves RLFC
Wolves Tries
Rany Ai Fallah 15th
Toufic Ghalayani 27th and 60th
Aref Hamadan 50th
Hassan Jammal 73rd
Wolves Goals
Gianni Hammoudeh 3/5
Grey Wolves Tries
Wael Harb 3rd
Mario Nawas 57th
Khaled Rafii
Grey Wolves Goals
Rami Kian 2/2
Wael Harb 1/1
Wolves RLFC 
1 - Toufic Ghalayini
2 - Hassan Jammal
3 - Rany Abi Falah 
4 - Mazen Knio
5 - Hussein Abdallah
6 - Jean Rmeily 
7 - Solomon Mokdad 
8 - Jhonny Fawaz
9 - Gianni Hammoudeh 
10 - Atef Hamdan 
11 - Michel el Tom 
12 - Kahil Bejjani
13 - Robin Hachache
14 - Sami Ghanem
15 - Stefano Jabri
16 - Ameen Agha
17 - Adam Itani
Coach: Ziad Agha
Grey Wolves RLFC (“Lycans”)
1 - Wael Harb
2 - Ziad Azoury
3 - Rodolph Spiridon 
4 - Mario Nawar
5 - Karim El Zein
6 - Karl Bcherrawy 
7 - Khaled Rafii 
8 - Rami Kiwan
9 - Jad Zoghaib 
10 - Peter Haddad 
11 - Mohamad Flitty 
12 - Rami Hasbany
13 - Maher Harb
14 - Jean-Paul Dagher
15 - Leonardo Chouchani
16 - Nadim Kreiker
17 - Joseph Rahme
Coach: Ray Sabat
Manager: Khalil Azar

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